Individual Therapy

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Anxiety, depression, fears, difficulties of communication, relationship and life crisis, grief, vocational disorientation or the unbalance in your sleeping and eating habits are some of the reasons to start a therapeutic process, this discomfort becoming an opportunity to grow as a person.  At some point in our lives we can find situations, feelings and conflicts that produce us discomfort and do not know how to handle. In these times of crisis is when professional support can be of great help.

At other times, the motivation to go to therapy may be the need for self-knowledge and personal growth, which allows greater well-being and a more fulfilling life.

What can individual therapy offer me? 

Our work will focus on the restoration of your emotional and relational balance so you can achieve a more fulfilling life, through:

  • Awareness and expression of your emotions.
  • Contact with your needs to learn to satisfy them, both personally and with others.
  • Acknowledgment and development of your resources (cognitive, emotional and behavioral).


If you have already decided to start or we have begun an individual therapeutic process, it will be important that we have a measure of how you are at the beginning and how your condition evolves. For this, and regardless of the possible diagnostic tests that we use, I would ask you to fill out the following questionnaire in the initial phase of your therapeutic process.


NOTE: This questionnaire is designed to be filled out digitally and not on paper.

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