Before We Meet

enlightenedATTENTION PLEASE: Make sure you read the protocol to follow regarding COVID-19 before your visit.



My usual schedule is Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., dedicating myself to consultations from Monday to Thursday and being able to answer my phone on Fridays.

At the moment, the waiting period to have an intake session is around 3-4 weeks.



Regarding the way to my office, this will take you around 10 minutes from Utrecht city center if you come by car (there is plenty of free parking in this area). The building is within walking distance from both train stations Utrecht Leidsche Rijn and Utrecht Terwijde. It is also reachable by bus (lines 4, 10, 11, 15, 18, 28, 37, 48) and by bike (around 20 minutes ride from the city centrum). For more indications, you may visit or plan your route with Google Maps in the section "Reach me"



Among the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship is important to mention my fees and other conditions:

  • Individual session (50 minutes approx.) = € 90 (standard) - € 125 (max.) *
  • Couples counseling (90 minutes approx.) = € 135 per session
  • Groups therapy (90 minutes approx.) = € 25 per meeting (COVID-19 Support group = € 15 per meeting)

Given the nature of these services and the characteristics of my firm, all these amounts are VAT exempt.

*(Partial reimbursement is possible through most supplementary insurance packages. However, if your insurance package is the most basic and you want to use it for your therapeutic process, we need to apply the maximum rate to cover the participation of a Psychologist with BIG registration. To receive accurate information about your insurance coverage it is advisable to call your insurance provider, to let them know of my AGB codes and if you only have basic insurance it might be helpful to share with them this template of a typical restitutienota,)

Regardless of possible reimbursements from insurance providers, sessions are expected to be fully paid as they are booked. This means that no appointment will be deemed guaranteed until payment.  

Rescheduling or canceling a session is possible with no cost as long as it is notified with more than one working day of notice. In case of cancelation with enough notice, I'll refund you as soon as I'm effectively informed. If a consultation is canceled with a notice of less than 2 working days, the fee for a full session will apply, without exceptions

Although Dutch tax authorities do not consider it mandatory, an invoice can be issued after the session, if you need it to claim any applicable reimbursement to your insurance provider.



Every meeting must take place following the protocols that have been implemented at the time, to provide safe conditions for it. These protocols will be communicated by email and published on this website.

Before our first session, please make sure you agree with our terms and conditions. Once that's clear, you need to fill and sign our intake form and privacy statement

Last but not least, as part of my commitment to the wellbeing of my patients, I am a registered Psychologist in the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP #225619), the Official College of Psychology in Spain (COP #AN03800), ACCESS Counseling Service Network and the Professional Association for Specialized Psychosocial Therapists (NVPA #104465 - RBCZ #190223R). The Code of Ethics of these organizations pursues a double purpose: to establish standards of professional conduct for registered Psychologists and to inform and protect whoever seeks our services.