Within Reach

Born in Seville, for some years now I have been working as a Health Psychologist in Utrecht, where I still seek that feeling of being "at home".

I try to offer accessible mental health care for “outsiders” like me in the Netherlands and this is in part the reason for my professional name: Psychology within Reach.

To achieve this goal, I work in English and Spanish and my contact with my patients is based on mutual respect and equity. My practice is open to everyone, no matter their origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

With this in mind, I have joined recognized institutions to make it possible for my patients to receive reimbursements for their health insurance, although since I am not fluent in Dutch I cannot offer the coverage of professionals with BIG registration. 

Finally, it is important to say that I cannot always be available, for example, if I am on vacation or on sick leave. In such cases, my colleague Melania Zampieri, Clinical Psychologist at Your Peace Of Mind, supports me if any of the people in my care need assistance until I return, so that care is always within reach,