• What is the price of the sessions?
    • Face-to-face individual session: € 90.
    • Individual online session: € 60 (Only applicable to residents outside The Netherlands)
    • Therapeutic process via basic insurance: During 2020 and depending on the lenght of the treatment needed, the Dutch Health Authorities (NZa) have established a maximum rate of € 1.383,65 (10 sessions).
    • Face-to-face couples counseling: € 135 per session.
    • Online couples counseling: € 100 per session (Only applicable to residents outside The Netherlands)
    • Group sessions: € 25
  • Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment?
    • Always with a minimum of 24 hours on a business day. That is, when you have an appointment scheduled for a Monday at 9:00, you have until Thursday at 20:00 to make changes or cancel the appointment without cost for you.
    • In case of breach of said period, the appointment is 100% billed, without exceptions.
    • Since the payment system for the sessions is prepaid, changes within the notice term will entitle you to an immediate refund.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    • Bank transfer, at the time of booking the appointment.
  • What is the duration of the sessions?
    • Individual sessions: Between 45 - 60 minutes, depending on the need.
    • Couples sessions: Between 70- 90 minutes, depending on the need..
  • How long is a therapeutic process?

The duration depends a lot on the evaluation of the case and the approach chosen. Nevertheless, around session 7 notable differences start to show, which allow us to determine how to proceed, although this also depends on the agreed goals.

  • How often do sessions occur?

At the beginning of the therapeutic process a weekly frequency is usually recommended, to establish a therapeutic relationship that allows changes to be seen. In the case of couples counseling this frequency is usually established in two weeks, to allow enough shared time in between sessions to put into practice the tools learned.

  • Does my insurance cover the therapy?

Most insurance providers only cover individual therapy and not couples. This coverage is usually partial, i.e. reimbursement of part of the amount paid.

Depending on which package of your insurance covers for our services, you will need to comply with different requirements. Therefore, if you are thinking about using your insurance coverage it is important to contact your insurance provider and making sure to what extent you could be covered when you choose Psychology within Reach. Tip: It might help to let them know my AGB codes


To find answers to other practical questions, I recommend to read the section Before We Meet, where you can find, for example, a more detailed description of the particularities of using  the basic or additional package of your insurance coverage.

If after reading the different sections of my website, you still have unanswered questions, you can send them to me at nmaldonado@cop.es or by sms at +31644303006. Note: Contact via WhatsApp is not allowed for health professionals, since this application does not protect your personal data in accordance with European privacy regulations.