My approach

Psychology Within Reach

Being human first and then a Psychologist I’ve always believed in the importance of facing reality around us from multiple points of view. As part of my experience in the corporate world I’ve gained reassurance in this idea, especially in regards to human behavior. I’ve seen grown-ups lose hope in their resources as they were treated like children but then flourishing back and tap into their potential, once exposed to working environments where their skills were acknowledged and given the time and space to grow.

Our genes set the framework but it is in our exposition to the world where we apply those initial personal features into designing who we are. From my experience, as a Health Psychologist I’ve learned to understand how difficult it is to change when the environment is giving us a certain fixed picture of ourselves and our wish to belong drives us to accept it. Thankfully it is also in contact with the other where we may realize how that picture is actually in motion and we can redefine who we are and where to go from there. And that’s the beauty of my work.


Working with Ruella Frank

I'm trained in Cognitive and Humanistic Psychotherapy approaches, such as Constructivism and Gestalt Therapy, as well as certified in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy by the Center for Somatic Studies in New York. Inspired by the work of developmental psychologists, motor theorists, and somatic educators, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy is a template for understanding and working with early psycho-physical blocks as they emerge in present moments of the adult therapy session. Attending to movement patterns within therapy is particularly powerful when guided by current developmental thinking.

I work both in English and Spanish and our contact will be based on mutual respect and equity therefore my practice is open to all of you, no matter your origin, religion or sexual orientation. Psychology Within Reach offers the time and space for you and me to explore our “here and now” and support your next step, wherever it might take you.